A&G's Hot Links: News & Views Used on Monday April 26, 2021

Green Week Agricultural Trade Fair Opens In Berlin


Headlines, data and drivel discussed during The A&G Show.

News & Views Used on Monday April 26, 2021

Remote workers are being paid $20,000 to relocate to America's small towns

LAUSD middle and high schools reopen this week

‘The Voice of Your Brother's Blood Is Crying to Me From the Ground’

(Oct 2020): Gunshots and sirens are daily signals of life and death in some Columbus neighborhoods

Obama administration scientist says climate ‘emergency’ is based on fallacy

Kamala to Talk to the Mexican President...About Planting Trees

Leaked Audio Of Iran’s Foreign Minister: Democrat John Kerry Told Us Israel Behind 200+ Attacks

As Covid-19 Devastates India, Deaths Go Undercounted

India's crematoriums overwhelmed as virus 'swallows people’

Fauci acknowledges outdoor COVID-19 transmission 'low,' expects updated mask guidance

To Be Tracked or Not? Apple Is Now Giving Us the Choice.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, other California teams debut fully vaccinated seating section for home games

A trip to Tijuana to save money on cosmetic surgery ends in trauma, tragedy for 3 women

SDSU lecturer’s use of stereotype sparks debate about academic free speech and race

Florida bill would allow students to record professor lectures to use as political bias evidence

Burning Man co-founder thinks mandating vaccines goes against the festival's ethos

Cincinnati bar won't put on NBA games until LeBron James is 'expelled'

Start-up Airline CEO thinks masks are for morons and this is actually a great time to start an airline.

Working from home means longer hours, fewer sick days, and fewer bonuses

Got vaccinated? Here's all the free stuff you can get

The Covid-19 Oscars: Not Masked but Still Muffled

Academy Awards: celebrities attack police officers who are protecting them during the awards show.

Why Don’t Some TV Shows Sound the Way They Used To?

Pentagon UFO report: They 'acknowledged the reality,' whistleblower says

Youth flag football coach caught punching parent, police investigating

Mass T. Rex Death Site Births a Terrifying Theory