20 Superfans of College Basketball

With college basketball you never know, anyone can be a winner. It’s an exciting, unpredictable game that keeps fans on their toes. As one of the most followed sports in America, the crowd adds so much to the excitement of the game. From dressing up in costumes to painting their faces, these super fans do what it takes to rally support for their team. Scroll down to check out the passionate fan bases.

1. Gonzaga Bulldogs

Three’s a party!

2. Baylor Bears

She’s 50% yellow and 50% green, but 100% a Baylor fan.

3. Duke Blue Devils

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles!

4. Auburn Tigers

What in carnation?

5. Butler Bulldogs

Huge treat for huge fans.

6. Kansas Jayhawks

The best way to spread Kansas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.. or you can dress up as an elf, that works too.

7. San Diego State Aztec Warriors

This guy’s making a strong case for pretzels.

8. Oregon Ducks

Dripping in swag.

9. Kentucky Wildcats

Who needs a scoreboard when you’ve got foreheads!

10. Louisville Cardinals

Ok Betty White, slay!

11. Dayton Flyers

These girls are literally flyers.

12. Villanova Wildcats

Game shades ON!

13. Michigan State Spartans

Glazed and confused.

14. Maryland Terrapins

Coolest face paint goes to this guy.

15. Ohio State Buckeyes

He is basketball.

16. Illinois Fighting Illini

IRL flame brings the heat court side.

17. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Howdy partner!

18. Texas Tech Raiders

These guys do whatever they wanna do GOSH!

19. Seton Hall Pirates

Who’s going to tell them Harambe isn’t a pirate..

20. Michigan Wolverines

Real or Faux?

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