Hawaiian Airlines Lets You Redeem Miles For An At-Home COVID-19 Test

Hawaiian Airlines wants to make it easy for travelers to ensure they are COVID-free before they board the plane. The airline announced that customers will be able to use the airline miles they have earned to get an at-home coronavirus testing kit.

The airline will mail the kit, made by Vault Health, to passengers so they can collect their own saliva samples. A supervisor will be available to do a video call to offer live assistance using the rapid-test. The sample will be analyzed no more than 24 hours after it is received by the testing lab. The airline estimates that the entire process will take no more than 72 hours.

“Our at-home supervised saliva COVID test provides a safe, convenient and reliable result delivered pre-travel,” said Vault Health Founder and CEO Jason Feldman. “We are excited to work with Hawaiian Airlines that continues to innovate on behalf of its customers, making travel easier and safer for everyone.”

Without miles, the rapid-test kit costs $119.

Last month, Hawaiian Airlines set up drive-through COVID-19 sites in California for passengers flying to Hawaii. They also worked out a deal with that state that would let passengers bypass a 14-day quarantine if they provided proof of a negative test no more than 72 hours before their scheduled departure time.

Photo: Getty Images