Gender Bending Madness: Riley Gaines Talks To A&G

Riley Gaines, Director of The Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute. She will be speaking at UC Berkeley on April 4, 2024 at 6:30pm as part of her Reclaim Feminism Campus Tour. It’s open to the public.

You can register by going to:

The Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute has been created to advocate for girls, women, and parents at a time when they are under attack: stripped of opportunities to fairly compete in sports; denied access to sex-based scholarships and academic opportunities; put in physical danger on athletic courts and fields; and exposed to bodily harm and humiliation in locker rooms and private areas. 

Riley joins Armstrong & Getty to talk about the absolute Gender Bending Madness taking place around women's sports.

Listen to the full Extra Large Podcast below!