A&G Extra Large Podcast: De-escalate & Incapacitate

"Better to send a perp to his knees, squealing and running away"

--Joe Getty, on the use of a non-lethal, self defense pistol over deadly force.

Silhouette of a gun in in movement. War concept.

Photo: Getty Images

We're living in an era in which unpredictable, violent threats to our wellbeing have become an unwelcome aspect of our daily lives. Gun ownership is certainly one of the most popular responses to defending the household or loves ones from such a threat. But the application of deadly force is often, quite naturally, coupled with the question--can I take a life? Plus, the very real sensation of trigger hesitancy could render a firearm both useless and even more dangerous for the gun owner--turning a very bad situation into something much, much worse.

What if you could de-escalate a threat and incapacitate an attacker--without having to apply lethal force?

We recently became aware of the folks at Byrna Technologies and their line of non-lethal launchers, in particular--the Byrna SD UnGun. This product can provide you and your family with the security you need--without having to resort to the use of deadly force

In this episode of The Armstrong & Getty Extra Large Podcast, Jack Armstrong & Joe Getty are joined by Luan Pham (Byrna Technologies) and an Ungun owner, Dr. Jenn Stankus, to talk about the virtues of Byrna's non-lethal launchers...