Young Alex's NFL Picks Week 8

Thanks to everyone for continuing to read these, week in and week out. It fills my soul with happiness. Happiness the 49ers kill every Sunday...

Last week was one of my better weeks, I only missed 4.

Teams on the "bye" this week are The Chiefs and Chargers

Thursday Night Football: Ravens at Buccaneers

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Tom Brady looks more like John Kitna than he does himself. (Thank you to my buddy Jordan for that one.) Brady looks distracted, his receivers are missing open looks, it's just a mess. Baltimore has their faults, and one of them is closing out close games late. If Brady has made a name doing one thing, it's keeping his teams in games late. I expect this game to stay close, maybe a late score could flip this result. WINNER: Ravens

Broncos at Jaguars (IN LONDON...A THIRD TIME)

The NFL is testing my nerves. Do they really expect me to wake up early to watch two awful teams play in front of a sold out crowd at Wembley Stadium? Well, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Not because I want to, but that's what you deserve, loyal reader! Uhh.... Jacksonville i guess. I may clean the house while this one is on. Russel Wilson is still cringe. Let's Ride. WINNER: Jaguars

Panthers at Falcons

The Panthers are on their 3rd string quarterback, and have traded away starting running back Christian McCaffery to the 49ers, just hours after I posted my picks last week. (As a 49er fan, let me tell you, I was ecstatic.) Somehow, they have mastered the "addition by subtraction" method. They beat Tampa Bay like the drum they wheel out every home game. The Falcons come in losers, after getting thoroughly spanked by Cincinnati. I can't imagine this game being much to watch, but sometimes they are so bad, they're good, right? Shout out Al Michaels. Falcons at home in an NFC South battle. WINNER: Falcons

Bears at Cowboys

Chicago whooped up on New England on Monday Night Football, and I like to think it was because of my rage towards the team being on primetime yet again. Dallas beat Detroit last week, but once again, it was a stellar defensive performance that lead the way for Dem Boys. I think it's much of the same for Dallas this week. Look out, Justin Fields. The three headed monster in Dallas is doomed to haunt on this Halloween weekend. WINNER: Cowboys

Dolphins at Lions

Detroit has now lost my faith as a football fan, which is a shame. They started the season on fire, and exciting to watch. Back to the same ol' Lions. Miami got Tua Tagovailoa back, and it was enough to outlast Pittsburgh last Sunday night. I don't read too much into this game. Sorry Lions, but some questions are starting to rise about Dan Campbell's tenure as head coach. Could we see them with a new head coach in 2023? If they continue down the same path, I'd bet yes. WINNER: Dolphins

Cardinals at Vikings

Arizona ousted a late onslaught from New Orleans last thursday, so a well rested team going against a team coming off the bye. Should be good. However, have you heard the "Kyler Murray Call of Duty" theory? Call of Duty is a military video game, and is extremely popular. They release a new version every year around this time. It's also around this time Kyler Murray's performance starts to fade. One writer found a correlation between the two, and for that reason only, I'll take the Vikings. WINNER: Vikings

Raiders at Saints

Don't look at how Vegas started the season. In this league, it's what have you done for me lately. They beat a lame Denver, a lame Houston, and hung in there late against Kansas City on the road. Are they finally starting to gel? Perhaps. The Saints are a here and there team. Sometimes they play up to the opponents, sometimes they play down. Tough environment to play on the road, but I think Vegas is up to the task. WINNER: Raiders

Patriots at Jets

Not too many years ago, this one would have been a laugher in New England. The Jets have that crazy little thing called momentum though. They're 5-2 and currently sit in a playoff spot. The Patriots got embarrassed on Monday by Chicago, the bane of my existence this season. Maybe its my 49er bias, but I love what former Defensive Coordinator Robert Saleh is doing with New York. Win another one at home and keep the momentum rolling. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS. WINNER: Jets

Steelers at Eagles

Did you know in WWII, These two teams had to play together because of player availability issues? They called themselves "The Steagles". It's kinda cute, right? What's not cute? The absolute beating Philly puts on their cross state rival this week. Last weekend, I had my senior class reunion. One of my old classmates asked "Why do you always pick against my Steelers?" Well, Brittany, it's because they are experiencing some growing pains and have a tough schedule. It was great to see you however! Sorry, Pitt gets folded like a cheese steak this week. WINNER: Eagles

Titans at Texans

It's Houston...You should already know. In other news, Tennessee released renderings of a new billion dollar stadium they want to build for The Titans. It looks cool, but i think they took design inspiration from a certain family estalishment WINNER: Titans

Commanders at Colts

Both teams are missing their starting QBs. This game won't be good. Im going to save you the trouble. Just move on to the next game. WINNER: Colts

Giants at Seahawks

HOW ARE THEY 6-1?! I really don't know. Daniel Jones looks...better than average? Saquon Barkley looks amazing now that he's healthy. These Giants are scrappy. So is Seattle, for that matter. They're going to have to go it without star wideout DK Metcalf, who went down with an injury last week. Can the Giants REALLY go 7-1? WINNER: Giants

49ers at Rams

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. San Francisco needs a win, now that they have all the weapons on offense. The Defense needs to regain their dominant form, and what better way to do that them whoop up on a divisional opponent who you have a history of beating. The Rams will be at home, but expect LOTS of red in the crowd. Niner fans travel well. New running back CMC should help. Im biased, but I expect to be celebrating a win over the "same old sorry ass Rams." WINNER: 49ers

Sunday Night Football: Packers at Bills

Preseason, this game was billed as a Super Bowl preview. Now, it could just be another W for the Bills. Josh Allen is as great as ever, and the Packers are a team without a focus, having lost two in a row to The Jets and The Commanders (LOL). It probably doesn't help when Aaron Rodgers goes on Pat McAfee's show every week and blasts his team. Bills by a Billion WINNER: Bills

Monday Night Football: Bengals at Browns

Divisional matchup in a very obtainable division. Cincy looks like they hit their stride last week against Atlanta. Cleveland is just floating around in the AFC North. A loss here doesn't kill them, but it pushes their playoff hopes closer to the depths of darkness.

WINNER: Bengals