Young Alex's NFL Picks Week 5

9 Correct Last Week / 7 Wrong Last Week

This season has been so hard to predict. Last week, teams that seemingly should have killed their opponents lost in confusing fashion. Green Bay looked listless against New York. Jacksonville couldn't muster anything against an equally woeful Houston.

Let's see how we do this week. It's the first week of "byes" so no Raiders, Lions, Texans, or Titans.

Thursday Night Football: Commanders at Bears

Last week's thursday night game was an all time stinker. It may look like an instant classic compared to this week's matchup. Let's just hope we get a touchdown this week. Commanders have better talent, but im sure will find a way to make me look dumb this week. My pick stays the same. WINNER: Commanders

Ravens at Giants

The G-Men roll into this week at 4-1, their best start in years. Saquon Barkley looks like an elite running back again, and the NFL is better for it when he is healthy. They have a very tough matchup against a playoff contender in Baltimore. If the Giants can come away from this one with a win, It sets them up well for a chance at a postseason berth of their own. It's their biggest test to date, with Lamar Jackson coming in on a nice run of form. Don't see New York holding court this week. WINNER: Ravens

Jaguars at Colts

The less I have to write about these teams the better. Colts have extra days of rest after playing in last thursday's debacle. I think they rebound at home. Jaguars have a nasty habit of playing up to the level of their opponent. And this is a divisional game, so it means just a bit more. The idea of one of these teams making the playoffs makes me want to hurl. Home Field Advantage? WINNER: Colts

Patriots at Browns

Right as I start to doubt Bill "The Hoodie" Belicheck, he finds a way to prove me wrong. A defensive masterclass last week, he shut down the league's number one offense. More than shut down, he shut them out. Scoreless. His offense went for 26 total points under third-string quarterback Bailey Zappe. A better defense this week in Cleveland. This has the writing on the wall of a low scoring game. I do like Cleveland just a bit more. Look for Nick Chubb to find the endzone at least once. WINNER: Browns

Bengals at Saints

Part of what helped lead the Bengals to the big game last year was the ability to throw the deep ball. So far this year, they haven't been able to do it. The key to jump starting the team might be getting that part of the game working. The Saints have won 2 in a row, thanks to some steady game planning and consistent pressure on defense. This should be an entertaining game. Im excited to watch this one. WINNER: Bengals

Buccaneers at Steelers

The Steelers lost within the first 3 minutes of the first quarter last week against Buffalo. In all aspects of the word, it was an a**kicking. No rest for the weary, as rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett takes on Grandpa Tom Brady. Too much to figure out with Brady coming to town, and the Steelers season unravels more. WINNER: Bucs

49ers at Falcons

The 49ers have one of, if not the, best defense in the league so far. However, they suffered some key injuries last week. It looks like Nick Bosa wont play, and they lost CB Emmanuel Mosley for the season to an ACL tear. Many players blame the unforgiving nature of astroturf for the mounting injuries, and unfortunately they have another game on the carpet this week. Atlanta comes off a loss to Tampa after a questionable call cost them a chance to tie the game. They should be fired up coming home, hoping for a statement win. WINNER: 49ers

Jets at Packers

The Packers were stuffed in London, which has them feeling "Earl Gray". Bad Britain puns aside, the Packers don't look as good as the Packers of years past. The Davante Adams sized hole is glaring. The Jets have won 2 in a row, and shouldn't win 3 in a row, but are proving the phrase "any giving sunday" has some weight in this league. Packers win, but Im looking to see how close the Jets keep it. WINNER: Packers

Vikings at Dolphins

Minnesota comes in 4-1 and in the lead of the NFC North. A tough travel day to Miami comes at a key point for the Vikings. This Vikings team has playoff aspirations, and a win against Miami will significantly boost that resume. Miami is dinged up, and comes in reeling. It's gonna take a Herculean effort to overcome these odds, but sometimes Kirk Cousins has a stinker which could hand the game over to the Fins. WINNER: Vikings

Panthers at Rams

The Panthers have fired coach Matt Rhule, after only amassing 11 wins in just over 2 years. Sometimes, after a team fires a lame duck coach, they come out the next week on fire and snatch a surprise victory. This is not one of those times. The Rams bounce back from the loss at home to Dallas last week, and I expect a Matt Stafford showcase game. WINNER: Rams

Cardinals at Seahawks

Arizona don't look like a well oiled machine. There's a lack of cohesion with Kyler Murray and his receivers. Granted, his number one receiver comes back next week, that should make things easier. Seattle is a tough place to play and they look like a tougher team than many pundits thought they were. The Hawks get the home field rockin' and win the battle of the birds. WINNER: Seahawks

Bills at Chiefs

Playoff. Rematch. In Arrowhead. I could type up how big of a match it is, but I'll just tell you it was the best game last year. Get some snacks ready, and prepare to stay on the couch for the entirety of this one. WINNER: Bills

Sunday Night Football: Cowboys at Eagles

I love a good divisional game, and the NFC East ones always seem to deliver. Cowboys at 4-1. Eagles 5-0. Dak Prescott may return for the Cowboys this week. If the Eagles make it through this game with a win, I think they could go 10-0. They have an easier schedule coming up. Way too early prediction? Eagles wrap up a playoff spot first this year. WINNER: Eagles

Monday Night Football: Broncos at Chargers

WHO KEEPS PUTTING DENVER IN PRIME TIME? STOP IT. Denver can't score. They won't keep up with Los Angeles. Might go to bed early this week. WINNER: Chargers