Young Alex's NFL Picks Week 5

Only 9 right last week for us. Well, me.

This is such a weird season to predict. Seemingly easy picks have been wrong from little factors that you can't expect, like rain, or backup quarterbacks.

We persist into the unknown with Week 5. Here we go!

Thursday Night Football: Colts at Broncos

Is there a more disapointing team this year than Denver? Perhaps, but they are number one in my book. Yet they are favored to win this week at home vs. a Colts team that will be without star running back Jonathan Taylor. Thursday Night games tend to be lower scoring, and both of these teams have struggled to score this season. Tonight might be a good night to catch up on House of the Dragon. WINNER: HBO (Broncos)

Giants at Packers (IN LONDON AGAIN!!)

Another early kickoff this sunday. This is the first time Green Bay has played in London. Another fun fact, this is the only matchup featuring two winning records this week. That doesn't necessarily translate to anything worthwhile, as the Giants still have glaring holes on the offensive line, a porous defense who hasn't really faced any superstar quarterbacks, and injuries. This is a massive test for New York. Should Big Blue come away victors, Green Bay might as well sound the alarms. This should be a game that the Pack dominate. WINNER: Packers

Lions at Patriots

The Lions offense comes into this week the number 1 rated offense in the league. So, they should have a good record, right? Wrong. They're 1-3. They have the worst defense in the league, as they allowed 48 points to Seattle at home. On the road to Boston, they face a Patriots team reeling with dinged up, broken players, almost like the team hit one of those famous Massachusetts potholes. I like Detroit in this, but if it's close, i don't know if I trust them to get a defensive stop to win. WINNER: Lions

Chargers at Browns

Los Angeles seems to be back on track after a win on the road against lousy Houston. Herbert looks better, but not healthy. Cleveland lost a stinker against Atlanta. They are a confusing team to read. Realistically, they should compete every week, yet it's always something holding them back. DeShaun Watson comes back in 2 months, but I don't think the team is a quarterback away from being world beaters. Chargers are a more talented team, but anything happens on the road this season WINNER: Chargers

Texans at Jaguars

Im picking every team that plays against Houston. Bar none. WINNER: Jaguars

Falcons at Buccaners

Tom Brady is getting a divorce. So sad. Im skeptical. He said he was retiring too, and look where we are. Atlanta is not a great team, and the Bucs lost a tough one against Kansas City last week. Brady doesn't lose back to back. Give me the Bucs with a big bounce back thrashing of a division rival. WINNER: Bucs

Steelers at Bills

The Steelers FINALLY made the change at QB and put rookie Kenny Pickett in. He has a weird designation from his first game. None of the passes he threw hit the ground. They either were caught by his team, or intercepted by the defense. How's this for your first career start, the proverbial AFC favorites. Josh Allen and crew still look as good ever. They return home to Buffalo, which is a very tough place to play when Bills Mafia is at full song. WINNER: Bills

Dolphins at Jets

First, Let me start of by saying I hope Tua Tagovailoa makes a full recovery. It was a terrible injury and someone should be fired for allowing him to play. That being said, I think this game will be ugly. The Jets looked less than stellar against Pittsburgh, but I want to take them to beat Miami this week. It goes against all the logic in my brain, but my heart is really pulling for them. Ugh...No. Logic prevails WINNER: Dolphins

Bears at Vikings

Chicago has a passing problem. Fields has not looked good throwing the ball. Worse, he denies the problem in press conferences. In my own eyes, I see another Ohio State quarterback that has failed to translate at the NFL level. It's sad to say, because he is 500 times the athlete I'll ever be, but this league is a different animal. Minnesota get some home cooking after winning in London last week. Skol. WINNER: Vikings

Titans at Commanders

Commanders Stink. Titans will roll as Derrick Henry regains his dominant form. Little else to watch for. WINNER: Titans

Seahawks at Saints

The Saints were two inches too far to the left last week in London, as their potential game-tying field goal doinked twice off the posts. They should get a few of their offensive stars back this week. Seattle is not as bad as some thought they would. Geno Smith looks pretty good under center for the Hawks. This game should be entertaining. Upset central. WINNER: Seahawks

49ers at Panthers

Carolina needs more help than just a quarterback, but Baker Mayfield has disappointed with his new team. I wrote that last week. It holds true. They face a MONSTER 49ers defense which dominated the defending Super Bowl champs. I think Baker will be seeing Nick Bosa in his nightmares all week. WINNER: 49ers

Eagles at Cardinals

Jalen Hurts has made a solid case for MVP this year. Eagles look fantastic on both sides of the ball. Kyler Murray will look to match Hurts performance. I think the Eagles continue to fly this season, but this is a big trap game. If you're a better, id avoid this one. Cardinals keep this one close. WINNER: Eagles

Cowboys at Rams

Here comes the game that I personally wish both teams could lose. Dak Prescott could return for Dallas, who are 3-0 without him this year. The Rams were stuffed by their Bay Area rivals this past monday. Their leading rusher? The protester who ran on the field. If Dallas loses, could we see a qb controversy in Jerry World? Rams at home look better than their road performances. Toss up for me. WINNER: Rams

Sunday Night Football: Bengals at Ravens

Cincy got a much needed couple of wins the last 2 weeks. Burrow has started to look more comfortable behind his new offensive line. The Ravens have the most exciting quarterback in team history, and he could leave in the offseason. The Ravens have only trailed this season for 14 seconds. The defense can't hold a lead late in close games. Divisional game in prime time, just too bad the Bengals can't wear those SWEET White Tiger uniforms. WINNER: Ravens

Monday Night Football: Raiders at Chiefs

Is Pat Mahomes human? Im not too sure at this point. We are watching something special from him this season. Raiders are back in the win column, and now every team in the NFL has at least one. Their defense isn't as bad as some think, but I just have some questions about the offense still. Chiefs chop on. WINNER: Chiefs