Young Alex's NFL Picks Week 4

I'm starting to right the ship.

10 of 16 correct last week. Feels great. What hurts is the one's I was most confident about, didn't land. Looking at you, Kansas City.

Hard to believe we are a month into the season. Who are the movers and shakers? Who are the faders? Week 4, Let's Go!

Thursday Night Football: Dolphins at Bengals

The Dolphins are one of the biggest surprises this year. I feel like most people expected them to be better, but a perfect 3-0 start is more impressive than even I thought would happen. Granted, 2 of their 3 wins were close and could have gone anyway, 3-0 looks better than 1-2. Speaking of, the Bengals are 1-2. Cincy looked better last week, but serious questions remain. I think Cincy wins this week. Burrow looks better, and im fading any team that started 3-0. WINNER: Bengals

Vikings at New Orleans (IN LONDON!!)

Get the coffee ready, or the tea perhaps. An early kickoff for us west coast NFL fans, as the two teams will kickoff at 6:30 from Tottenham Hotspur stadium in London. If you know what a Hotspur is, bonus points to you my Premier League watching friends. New Orleans are a Ferrari with Square Wheels. The pieces are there to be super, they just dont spin at the same time. Minnesota comes into this 2-1 and should be the favorite in this one. I say this with a bit of skepticism because something weird always seems to happen in the International Series. It's a shame Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is no longer with us. She is going to miss out on a stellar matchup between...Kirk Cousins and Jameis Winston WINNER: Vikings

Browns at Falcons

Cleveland is 2-1 with a potent running game. Long term backup Jacoby Brisset has developed a nice partnership with Amari Cooper, yet im hesitant to consider them a good team. It's Cleveland. Atlanta is not a good team, but put together a full 60 minutes against Seattle on the road. So that has to mean something? Cleveland will probably be without Myles Garrett, their start lineman, as he was in a nasty accident while avoiding an animal on the road leaving the team's practice facility. I still like The Browns in this one WINNER: Browns

Commanders at Cowboys

Dallas is 3-0 when Cooper Rush is the starting quarterback. For a little known backup, and to the uninformed, that's VERY impressive. The secret to them boy's success? Defense. Micah Parsons looks like a Defensive Player of the Year candidate early. Washington needs a rebound after getting smothered by Philly last week. Sadly, for them, Cooper Rush is better as a backup than Carson Wentz as a starter. WINNER: Cowboys

Seahawks at Lions

Despite the 1-2 record for the Lions, they might be the most fun team to watch this year. This team loves their coach, despite his shortcomings with decision making last week. This team has scored at least 1 TD a quarter this year. Seattle's biggest weakness is the secondary, and it's shaping up to be a rough day for them against Amon-Ra St. Brown. Detroit, let me be the first to welcome you back to relevancy. The NFL is better when you're good. WINNER: Lions

Titans at Colts

Tennessee beat the Raiders last week, in a much needed W. They failed to score in the 2nd half, however. Derrick Henry looked much better, but much of the Titans success rides on his big, broad shoulders. Indy finally joined the win column as well with an upset against KC last week. Indy needed a few good breaks to go their way to secure the win, but it doesn't diminish the accomplishment. This one could be a coin flip. WINNER: Colts

Bears at Giants

If you're a fan of the passing game, don't watch. Justin Fields and Daniel Jones do not look good throwing the ball this year. Fret not, football fans. Two very good running backs feature in this one. Saquon Barkley and Khalil Herbert face off. Drag out win for the G-Men to make them a surprising 3-1 WINNER: Giants

Jaguars at Eagles

Fly, Eagles, Fly. Hertz at quarterback looks like an MVP candidate. They unleashed an air raid over Commanders, and I think they'll continue with the success. Jacksonville looked like a completely different team against LA, with a 38-10 whalloping of the Chargers. This is an unfortunate loss for a team trying to find their feet, but a great "measuring stick" game. This will show the gaps in the Jags game, and what they need to improve on to be a contender. If they can pull out the win, turn the whole NFL upside down. WINNER: Eagles

Jets at Steelers

New York gets Zach Wilson back, the 2nd overall pick from last year. He can do much more than the aging Joe Flacco. Pittsburgh needs to turn the ball over to the new quarterback Kenny Pickett, otherwise this season is doomed to be a long one. Defense wins. WINNER: Steelers

Bills at Ravens

If you thought the game last week with Buffalo and Miami last week was good, You aint seen nothing yet. This is a dream matchup for NFL fans. Dare I say AFC Championship preview? Bills will want to bounce back from last week. Baltimore look amazing with a refreshed Lamar Jackson under center. I can't wait for this one. WINNER: Bills

Chargers at Houston

Chargers, you made me look dumb last week. Don't do it again. WINNER: Chargers

Cardinals at Carolina

Carolina needs more help than just a quarterback, but Baker Mayfield has disappointed with his new team. Arizona is a here one week, gone the next opponent. What Cardinal team shows up this week? I think this week, they're a winner. WINNER: Cardianls

Patriots at Packers

Patriots will most likely miss their top wide receiver and quarterback. No brainier. Lock of my week. Although with my recent track record, expect the upset. WINNER: Packers

Broncos at Raiders

Personal note, I have friends attending this game, and one of them is celebrating a birthday (Happy Birthday Albert). That weighs little on my decision. Broncos are the biggest frauds so far this season. They have looked downright dreadful on offense. New QB Russell Wilson has "annoyed" some teammates. One win against a bad opponent and another against a lame 49ers team. Raiders are 0-3, but lost 2 close ones. Must win for the silver and black. WINNER: Raiders

Sunday Night Football: Chiefs at Buccaneers

They may not even play this game in Florida, as Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc on the Tampa area. NFL's contingency plan would be to move the game to MINNESOTA. I love chaos, do it!

As for the game, I think the Chiefs are a team that bounce back from adversity well. Mahomes on primetime is almost a certain bet. Problem is he is going up against Tom Brady. I don't like Tampa's lineup right now, but if they pull it out, I think it says more about Kansas City's team than Tampa WINNER: Chiefs

Monday Night Football: Rams at 49ers

It pains me to say it, but until they can prove to me they're ready for primetime, the Niners are losing this game. Badly. Rams defense will feast here. WINNER: Rams