LISTEN: Vanderbilt Transgender Surgeries

"List for me the things a 13-year old can consent to.

You can't--the list is nothing."

- Joe Getty

Surgeons performing open heart surgery

Foto: Getty Images

It's one thing if an adult goes through with permanent gender change. That's their choice. It's another thing if it's a child going through the change without their full understanding of the permanence of the procedure.

Political commentator Matt Walsh has featured on the program before. He and his team investigated the Transgender Clinic at Vanderbilt University, and the operations they perform on minors, the "money maker" it is, and the lengths they'll go to prevent dissent of their actions.

In the latest Armstrong & Getty Select Cuts Podcast, listen to what Joe Getty thought about the investigation, and why he thinks it's abhorrent behavior to make this program accessible to children.