LISTEN: Wrapping Up The Loose Ends: The Sherri Papini Story

"Where's the line between quirky and crazy?"

-Joe Getty

Judge office.

Photo: Getty Images

The year was 2016.

You couldn't miss it. Sherri Papini's face was everywhere that fall. The young woman who had disappeared, and reappeared that Thanksgiving.

It was a miracle, but as the story started to unravel, it had turned out Sherri had set the whole thing up.

This past week, Papini was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Prior to the sentencing, new video and audio came out that showed some of the lengths Papini would go to, and the moment Papini knew she was caught.

In the latest episode of The Armstrong and Getty Select Cuts Podcast, Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty listen to the new audio from the Papini sentencing.