Young Alex's NFL Picks Week 3

Well, this is awkward.

For someone who claims "To know more than you about sports", I've predicted 16 correct out of 32. A whopping .500%

Well, I couldn't possibly do worse, could I? (I'm definitely dooming myself.) Here we go!

Thursday Night Football: Steelers at Browns

Pittsburgh has talent to win games, but are hindered by the quarterback position. Browns are facing some injuries on their defense, but Nick Chubb should have enough talent to overcome a potential breakout performance from the Steelers offense. Could Pittsburgh hand the reigns of the team over to first round draft pick Kenny Pickett? A loss here makes me think sooner rather than later. WINNER: Browns

Bills at Dolphins

Miami put together a solid win in Week 1 and a come from behind win in Week 2. Tua Tagovailoa looks so much better as QB this year, and with the investment in the offense, so does Miami. The Problem? Buffalo look like they could go undefeated this year. Josh Allen is putting together a MVP level season after 2 games. Battle of the 2-0 teams in the same division. Potential playoff preview. WINNER: Bills

Bengals at Jets

What happened, Cincy? You look nothing like the same team that was playing for the Lombardi Trophy in February? Somehow the team has made improvements to the offensive line, and they look worse. The Jets used to be an acronym for Just End The Season, but this year they are flying a little higher. Im afraid they are in for some turbulence this week, as the Bengals look to right the ship. WINNER: Bengals

Texans at Bears

Speaking of crashing back to earth, everyone welcome The Bears back to reality after falling to Aaron Rodgers and company in Lambeau. I refuse to believe that the Bears are any good, which is rich considering their matchup this week. The Texans don't impress me either. If the weather holds up in Chicago this week, I think the home team wins, but just BEAR-ly, excuse my pun. WINNER: Bears

Raiders at Titans

The Raiders blew a 20 point lead at home against Arizona. Many in this fan base expected a deep playoff run, and now winless through 2 games, have started to call for QB Derrick Carr's head. The Titans are 0-2 as well, and look to have taken a step back from their playoff years in the recent past. After getting drubbed by Buffalo on Monday, will the Titans rise from the depths? It's as close to a must win for both teams if they expect to make the postseason. WINNER: Titans

Chiefs at Colts

Which team is undefeated? Which team has Pat Mahomes? No Brainer. Lock of the week. WINNER: Chiefs

Lions at Vikings

Detriot is scrappy this season. Dan Campbell has a way of motivating a team to run through a brick wall. Im sure this team could win the Indy 500 powering their car like Fred Flinstone if Dan Campbell was the crew chief. Vikings have shown the two faces of their franchise. They can score lots of points, and look like losers the next week. I think Detroit makes Minnesota nervous, but the SKOL rolls on. WINNER: Vikings

Ravens at Patriots

The Patriots beat Pittsburgh last week, but still looked uninspired. Baltimore took a tough loss on the chin at home against Miami. Nothing cures the post loss hangover like beating up on a lesser opponent. Ravens roll over Pats WINNER: Ravens

Eagles at Commanders

Let's keep this simple, shall we? Jalen Hurts is a terrific QB with a terrific roster. He will take down the former Philly QB Carson Wentz this week with ease. It's always sunny in Philadelphia, but the son will shine in DC as well. WINNER: Eagles

Saints at Panthers

Interesting divisional matchup here. We've seen Carolina struggle but start to mesh in some ways. The Saints have struggled but they should get their running back Alvin Kamara back this week. What decides this game is Jameis Winston. What version of him shows up this week? I think he does just enough to not suck, and the defense holds. WINNER: Saints

Jaguars at Chargers

IF Justin Herbert plays, Chargers in a landslide. IF he DOESNT? Well, I still like The Chargers. If Los Angeles wants to make the playoffs this year, these are the gimmes they need to win. WINNER: Chargers

Rams at Cardinals

LA almost blew a 28-3 lead to Atlanta last week, which would have been a tremendous piece of irony considering Atlanta's history. Arizona handed the Raiders their worse lost of all time, coming back from a 20 point deficit. I think the Rams will handle the Cardinals in this game, strictly going off the drubbing the Rams handed out last January. Could see a great offensive showcase, so if nothing else, it should be entertaining. WINNER: Rams

Falcons at Seattle

I thought birds were supposed to fly? Both of these teams are struggling to get anything off the ground this season. Seattle has a win at home, as opposed to Atlanta's winless record. It's hard to win in the pacific northwest, and Geno Smith takes the Seahawks to 2-1 WINNER: Seahawks

Packers at Buccaneers

Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady. It's a clash between two of the elder statesmen in the NFL.Packers looked better last week in a win against the Bears, but Rodgers still doesn't look comfortable with his wide outs yet. Tampa struggled last week against New Orleans, which included a tussle involving Mike Evans, Tom's favorite target. He is suspended for this game. There are some holes in the ship for Tampa, and they're starting to take on water. WINNER: Packers

Sunday Night Football: 49ers at Broncos

The Trey Lance era hit a major speed bump last week, as he suffered a major injury to his ankle, thus ending his season. For other teams? End of the season. The Niners paid for their insurance policy in Jimmy Garoppolo, and looked more than comfortable with him at the helm. Denver has a hard time scoring touchdowns this year, which is weird considering their signing of Russell Wilson in the offseason. Many eyes are on the coaching for Denver now, as Nathaniel Hackett is already under the microscope entering his 3rd game. A full week of practice with Jimmy G, and the Niners ride into Denver and steal a win. WINNER: 49ers

Monday Night Football: Cowboys at Giants

Im confused in this one. Cowboys are missing their normal starting quarterback, yet won against the defending AFC champs last week. The Giants have their normal starting QB, but he is decidedly average. Despite that, the G Men are 2-0. You can make the argument they haven't really played anyone tough yet, but i'd argue that they wont face one this week either. Dallas's defense is the stronger of the two, and I think they can pour water on the hot start in New York. WINNER: Cowboys