WATCH AND LISTEN: Woke Food Equity

Salads with lettuce and tomato on plate

Photo: Getty Images

Doughnuts are just as healthy as a salad. Don't let anyone tell you differently!

What is oppressive food hierarchy? Let the 2nd largest school district in the US educate you.

Systems of oppression have created false hierarchies of food? But isn't obesity the #1 Health Issue in the country? It's hard to wrap your head around isn't it?

Well, at least there isn't a racial angle to it, right?

Of course there is.

Just make sure to use the correct pronouns when you address these individuals about food equity.

In the latest Armstrong and Getty Select Cuts Podcast, listen to what LA Unified School District shared about "Food Equity", and other hits from the "LibsofTikTok" Twitter page.