LISTEN: It's Your Turn, Sanctuary Cities

"Has anyone ever reached the peak of sexual satisfaction from a news story? Because I feel like it's possible."

--Joe Getty

View of Nantucket village

Photo: Getty Images

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been shipping illegal immigrants to different "sanctuary cities" once they cross the border in Del Rio. One bus was sent in front of the Vice President's residence in Washington DC.

Other cities, like Chicago and New York, have also seen immigrant drop offs.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may have just one upped Abbott.

Wow. The Irony is impeccable.

"Not prepared for the influx" in Martha's Vineyard?

Well, you claimed to be a sanctuary city. Here you go.

In the latest Armstrong & Getty Select Cuts Podcast, Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty react to the locations where Immigrants have been shipped, and why Joe takes such glee in the strategy.