WATCH: This May Make You Uncomfortable

What Is A Cologne Bomb?

For those unfamiliar in the world of athletics, or those who only tune in to the Olympics every 4 years, Diving is an event that captivates crowds for their high flying abilities and incredible focus.

Yet, for one German group, they tend to take things a little bit more extreme.

According to the group's website, they call their act "Show Jumping". The Daredevils in Speedos are known throughout Germany for high diving shows and has gained a large number of members and an incredibly high social reach via social media.

Wait a minute, was that guy hanging on the platform with his TOES? That's insane body strength. The broom was a nice touch too. At least these guys are diving into pools with safety teams to make sure nothing goes wrong right?

Nope. Cliffs. Trampolines. As someone who is deathly afraid of open water, its amazing how little fear they have hurling themselves off items.

Will I be attempting this anytime soon? Hell No. Much like Joe Getty, I am a man who craves leisure. Plus I don't like getting wet. I'll leave the antics to the professionals.