The Dangers of Kowtowing To Illiberal Elements. Ilya Shapiro Talks to A&G.

Freedon of Speech

Photo: Getty Images

Earlier this year, a series of tweets pertaining to the then-pending appointment of a new Supreme Court justice lead to author/lecturer/lawyer Ilya Shapiro's headline-making exit from his new post at Georgetown Law School.

Jack & Joe finally caught-up with Mr. Shapiro to discuss the reasons for his resignation, as well as the dangers now faced by professors across the country who must contend with the growing trend of campus censorship.

Additionally, Mr Shapiro (now at the Manhattan Institute) spoke to A&G about the the historic slate of Supreme Court decisions (and how the media managed to mis-report on many of those outcomes), ending the conversation with his thoughts on how political polarization is driving the national mood.

Listen to his thoughts in the following episode of The Armstrong & Getty Extra Large Podcast, below. And, be sure to check-out his new Substack.