LISTEN: The Greatest Human Who Ever Lived!

"If I could design a decorative plate, It would have Thomas Jefferson, Jonas Salk, Dale Earnhardt, and Joey Chestnut. "

- Joe Getty


Photo: Getty Images

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Jonas Salk, Joey Chestnut???

Following the Independence Day Holiday, the now 15-Time Hot Dog eating champion Joey Chestnut continues to wow us with his jaw of power.

This year he amazed us even more. Chestnut tackled a protester while chewing on a hot dog. Didn't miss a bite.

An American Hero to our youth when we are in so desperate need one.

In the latest episode of The Armstrong and Getty Select Cuts Podcast, Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty react to the Traditional July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest, and it's all time king, Joey Chestnut.