LISTEN: A Nationwide Lifeguard Shortage???

"A kid screams 'Help!' for 2 seconds, or someone gets hit by a Nerf Ball and they shut the pool down for 20 minutes" - Jack Armstrong

USA, Florida, Daytona Beach. Lifeguard tower on beach

Photo: Getty Images

With the current dearth of willing workers, the American Lifeguard Association has warned that they dont have enough licensed guards this summer.

How dire is the situation? The ALA claims 1/3rd of The United States' 300K wont be able to open.

Some say it is due to pay rate, as pools have to compete with the likes of Amazon and Chik-fil-A.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, certain Lifeguards made nearly 500K in salary last year.

Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty react to the lifeguard shortage, and the Los Angeles Lifeguard Salary. Jack says Liberals should be incredibly angry at pay rate for guards in Southern California. Why?

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