Yes, Jack Armstrong Does In-Fact Use the F-Word. Here's the Proof.

Ladies & gentlemen of Armstrong & Getty Show listener jury...

We submit the following piece of evidence in an effort to refute a long-held (and clearly inaccurate) claim made repeatedly by Mr. Jack Armstrong.

For many years, Mr. Armstrong has stated, quite adamantly, that he DOES NOT, AND HAS NOT, EVER USED THE F-WORD.

By entering this evidence into the public record, we hope to shine a light on the truth--and put to an end this ridiculous F-word folly.

As the evidence clearly shows--YOU ARE GUILTY SIR!!!!


Review the evidence below via an episode of Armstrong & Getty's Select Cuts Podcast....

(Also, our best wishes the MMA fighter who's fought through so many personal challenges on his way to his latest victory).