LISTEN: What the Hell, NBC?!?

Freestyle Skiing - Winter Olympics Day 4

Photo: Getty Images AsiaPac

NBC's coverage of the Beijing Winter Olympics were always going to be under scrutiny, but A&G's Joe Getty says they have gone too far, and now The Peacock network is dead to him.

Eileen Gu, An American skier born in San Francisco, renounced her citizenship and said she would skate for China in the games. The media coverage of Gu has been about how beautiful she is, how talented she is at skiing, and not about her citizenship. Gu has done some damage control, saying she is proud of both of her citizenship. Gu won the Freestyle Big Air event this week.

NBC has featured her prominently, with the announcers absolutely gushing over her. Joe is absolutely repulsed by the coverage, and vows not to watch anymore of NBC's programming.