LISTEN: "I Make $10,000 Less"?????

"I make 10,000 less than white people with the same skills"

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams

Photo: Getty Images

In the wake of the wave of violence and heated racial rhetoric that swept through our country (most notably following the death of George Floyd), the NFL choose to become part of the social warrior sect, ignoring the fact that 100% of their audience sought refuge from that reality when they tuned-in to watch their favorite team play each Sunday.

Kneeling during the National Anthem was a form of protest embraced by some NFL players, and the league followed that much-maligned gesture by adopting a series of social justice slogans that still exist both the back of the player's helmets and on the outside border of each end zone.

Now, the NFL has chosen to push their social justice campaign in the form of public service announcements which air within the televised commercial breaks. The latest, titled "Where I'm From", contains a rather noteworthy and outrageous pronouncement (good luck finding the attribution)--as detailed by A&G's Jack Armstrong & Joe Getty.

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