I Was Down, Down, Down. Jack Armstrong Talks about His Time in the Hospital

"I was down, down, down--emotionally. Here I am...this age...and I got nobody".

--Jack Armstrong, describing the loneliest moments he experienced in the hospital.

Jack Armstrong is finally back-home following his emergency gall bladder surgery.

During the A&G One More Thing Podcast, Jack talked about the loneliness that he experienced during the very long, 4-day "break" that followed the procedure.

For those in need of a catch-up, we chronicled Jack's experience in experience in a handful of A&G Select Cuts pods, below...

For those who aren't aware of Jack's predicament, here's a summary.

About a week ago, Jack mentioned that his back hurt. But within a matter of days the pain multiplied to the point where he was writhing on the floor.

An ambulance ride to the ER followed, where doctors determined that his gall bladder was on the fritz (that's a medical term--we checked).

Within roughly 36 hours, he was in surgery to have the offending organ removed.

As Friday's show began, Jack checked-in with an update, which was followed by another quick call at the end of the show. Listen below...

Human Body Organs Anatomy (Pancreas)

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