The Highest Priority. Peter Boghossian Talks to A&G

Peter Boghossian (along with Helen Pluckrose & James Lindsay) gained attention for their outstanding efforts to expose corruption in academia, specifically in the realm of "Grievance Studies". Through a series of hoax articles (many of which were accepted by academic journals as legitimate articles of thought) the trio managed to make their point--universities have been peddling corrupt ideas with the help of accomplices scattered throughout the world of higher learning.

Boghossian (author of the book "How to Have Impossible Conversations") joined Armstrong & Getty to talk about his exit from Portland State University and why our manner of discourse needs to change.

Listen to the A&G Extra Podcast below...

The Bullies of Academia:  Peter Boghossian on A&G - Thumbnail Image

The Bullies of Academia: Peter Boghossian on A&G