WATCH: Shocking Video of a Car Going Airborne Off An Overpass

A family captured this shocking video during their early morning commute on Highway 99 near Yuba City, CA.

The car sailed 50 feet through the air before landing on the roadway below.

Says the witness...

I was just mentioning I need to wash my truck and I was looking at my wife who's face went total Scary Movie screaming I looked to my left and slammed on the brakes as it looked like we were about to have a collision with a car literally flying through the air with what looked like a meteor plume behind it. I didn't realize what it really was until it slid to a stop on its roof just 26 feet in front of me and my family in the truck.

He goes on...

The second scream was our 11-year-old's. For two or three days she was worried another car would fly again. I told my wife to dial 911 and I saw the engine on fire, I ran to the driver's side of the car and tried to open the doors. I then went back to my truck to get a large bottle of water and quickly extinguished the fire that was getting bigger. Then I went to the passenger side and tried the doors and that's when I heard a groan from inside the car. It was hard to see in there as the roof was on top of the seatbacks. I asked the person how many are in there with you and she said, 'One, just one.' I was astonished, then I asked if they could move their legs and I saw she was trying to squirm out from where they were I said 'stop! don't move. Help is on the way.' and to 'relax and be still.' At that moment I said a prayer for her. The first responders showed up quickly and I gave the officer on the scene my testimony."

His testimony, courtesy of Viral Hog

According to news reports, the female driver was involved in a hit and run and left the accident with only minor injuries.