The Hard Realities of Homelessness. An A&G Extra Large Podcast

A scene from Los Angeles

In the first of our series of A&G Extra Large Podcasts dedicated to the homeless crisis, we talk to Anthony Brown, a former addict and drug dealer who was homeless for 23 years. Now an author as well as the founder and director of Coordinating & Assisting Recovery Environments (C.A.R.E.), Mr. Brown's life is remarkable in many ways--particularly in regards to the hard-earned wisdom that he now applies to his efforts to help others beat addiction and the get off the streets.

Brown tells A&G that there is no easy solution to the issue of homelessness and addiction, but he remains hopeful. "I think that more that we are aware of what is really driving this issue--the easier it will be for us to apply the solution."

To learn more about Anthony Brown, check out his book, From Park Bench to Park Avenue: One Man's Journey Out of Homelessness.

And you can learn more about his project, Brown Manor, via his Go Fund Me site.