Demand Accountability. Lanhee Chen Talks to A&G

Lanhee Chen

Residents of the once-great State of California know that they're in the midst of a major decline, and a turn-around will not be enacted by the state's current leadership.

The combined crises of substance abuse/mental health issues/homelessness, the mismanagement of the pandemic, the uncertainly of the economic recovery and government mismanagement of tax dollars have combined to create a putrid, steaming stew of uncertainty, disappointment, frustration and wholly earned distrust of our government. The visuals of LA's massive Skid Row, San Diego's growing sidewalk tent population, the open toilets once known as San Francisco's sidewalks and Sacramento's dangerous, meth-infected freeway underpasses are scenes coming to communities throughout the state.

How does California reverse course? Are the state's elected leaders capable of simply satisfying the primary responsibility of running and managing the business of the state? Will CA's governor and his like-minded brethren continue their streak of failure, clinging to the hopes of their progressive ideals in hopes that a path forward will magically materialize while folks bear witness to a disaster-in-progress?

Demanding accountability is mandatory, and below the throne of Governor Newsom are other elected officials who's lack of judgment and ability have helped lead the state down this path of despair.

For the past few years, The Hoover Institution's Lanhee Chen has regularly joined The Armstrong & Getty Show to share his perspective on politics, values, and the actions of the government. Now, Lanhee is considering moving from pundit to candidate--an idea that A&G embrace wholeheartedly.

Hear the new episode of the A&G Extra Large Podcast featuring Lanhee Chen, as he talks to Joe Getty about what the State of California needs in order to rebound from this calamity...