We're All Doomed (ok, not really). Niall Ferguson Talks to A&G

"This is not the only disaster that we've handled badly..."

--Niall Ferguson on the global response to COVID.

Niall Ferguson

A brand new report produced by the World Health Organization states that the entire COVID-19 pandemic was preventable. In the report, a team of experts who studied the pandemic say that global leaders were slow to respond and failed to learn from the past.

The timing of the release of the report coincides nicely with a new book by author and historian Niall Ferguson. In "Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe", Ferguson adds an important caveat--that simply blaming "the man at the top" is a mistake which disallows us to learn from the tragedy (and hopefully avoid) a similar outcome during a future global event.

Mr. Ferguson joins Armstrong & Getty for a new episode of the A&G Extra Large Podcast to discuss the book, which is available now! (via Penguin Books)