Dispatches from The A&G Show: The Last Gasp of Stupid Conversations.

Sometimes we just need a little lift.

Dispatches from The Armstrong & Getty Show, Monday April 26, 2021. 

Joe: Interesting, you're angry, and I'm just beaten down by the world. Normally, I'm so excited to come to work (this job is a blessing, trust me I love doing this), but today for some reason I'm just worn down.  

Jack: Ya know, here's something you and I both need to remind ourselves about: we get to talk about whatever we want. We don't have to engage in any of the freakin’ stupid conversations at the stupid level that they normally happen. 

Over the weekend, one of our friends passed along a podcast. It’s one of those long, intellectual dark web podcasts that not many people listen to--and doing so filled me with hope. The podcast reinforced the belief that there are people who exist within the realm of the spoken word who actually embrace the notion of nuance in a conversation.  

That fact filled me with a sense of hope.  

Hear the remainder of that conversation within the new episode of the A&G Select Cuts Podcast below...