The Adam Toledo Video Is NOT a Vivid Display of a Racist Police Shooting

Chicago Reacts To Video Of Police Shooting That Killed 13 Year Old Adam Toledo

Misconceptions and mis-truths about a trio of officer involved shootings, overheated political rhetoric and a news media that fails to challenge trendy liberal narratives have combined to create tensions that haven't been experienced in this country for decades.

The latest shooting, which lead to the death of 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Chicago is "a tragedy, given that a young man has been victimized by the gang lifestyle," stated Joe Getty Monday on The Armstrong & Getty Show. But the truth regarding the teenager's death is far more complicated than the visceral, emotional responses and the simple answers generated by the widely seen video which captured the final moments of the young man's life.

As awful as it is, the video is not, as some believe, a vivid display of a racist police shooting. Rather, it's a heartbreaking record of the end of a path toward death that the police officer entered after many steps had already been taken.

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