One of the The Dirtiest Secrets of Urban America. Ying Ma Talks to A&G.

"The people on the left who are so eager to talk about racism against Asians during the COVID pandemic...these people have been no where to be found in the past...particularly when the perpetrators are non-white".

--author Ying Ma on Armstrong & Getty

Ying Ma with Jack & Joe

Over the past number of weeks, reports of violence against Asians have dominated the news--with attention brought to the issue due to the recent mass shooting in Atlanta. Despite a lack of evidence (with specific comments made by the shooter that the murders were motivated by his sexual/mental health issues), the media was quick to label the massacre as a racially-motivated hate crime.

But the truth regarding violence against Asians in our country demands more scrutiny--particularly given that the issue is now being used as a political weapon.

Author Ying Ma (contributor to & The Washington Examiner) was born in China and raised in Oakland CA, and she joined Armstrong & Getty to discuss her experience with racism, as well as to shed some light on those who are suddenly (and surprisingly) speaking-out on behalf of the broad Asian communities in the United States.

Listen to the Armstrong & Getty Extra Large Podcast with Ying Ma below.

And, get more information about her book, “Chinese Girl in the Ghetto”