Biden's Blue State Bailout. TN Senator Marsha Blackburn Talks to A&G

"Out of $2 Trillion Dollars...9% goes to Covid or Covid-related relief"

--Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn on the insane "Blue State Bailout Bill"

President Biden Signs a bill...does he know which one?

While Bernie Sanders was on the Senate floor "begging for a $15/hour federal minimum wage", Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn called Jack Armstrong & Joe Getty to discuss the ramifications of the "Blue State Bailout Bill", aka, President Biden's $2 Trillion Dollar, pork-filled spending bill.

Senator Blackburn revealed the surprising ways in which this spending bill spends tax money--and "takes away your freedoms".
Listen to the brand new episode of The Armstrong & Getty A&G Extra Large Podcast for the details.