"I'm Gonna F-You Up!" Oakley CA School Board's Hot Mic Zoom Meeting

"They want their babysitters back"

--Oakley School Board member Lisa Brizendine, commenting on the parents in her district.

An Oakley CA mother wrote a letter to her local school board to express her concerns regarding the schools not reopening.

Later that day, the Oakley school board was preparing (??) for their monthly meeting--but didn't realize that their Zoom session was visible to everyone...in real-time...unfiltered.

School Board members Lisa Brizendine, Kim Beede and Richie Masadas proceeded to crack jokes and criticized the parents of their district before realizing what had transpired.

Watch from the 4:55 mark...then back up to hear the district's superintendent, Gregory Hetrick, discuss limiting public comments during their meetings.

A petition calling for their resignation has been launched by angry parents.