School Re-Openings Blocked by Union Stooges. Lanhee Chen Talks to A&G

"Unfortunately, what you're seeing in the public education system is the product of decades of--essentially collusion--between school boards, school administrators and the teachers union leaders"

--Lanhee Chen on the slow pace of school re-openings across the country.

New York City Re-Opens Public Schools Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The frustrations of parents from virtually every corner of our nation were summed-up earlier this week by one Virginia dad who went viral when he angrily chastised his local school board for keeping their local schools closed--in spite of data proving that schools can and should be re-opened.

Lanhee Chen (The Hoover Institution) joined A&G to explain how the pandemic has revealed the corrupt relationship between the teachers unions and school boards. "In many cases, it's not the rank and file teachers. There are a lot of union stooges who are only interested in protecting their own jobs."

Lanhee is featured in the latest episode of A&G's Extra Large Podcast (below).

And, listen to Lanhee's podcast, Crossing Lines with Lanhee Chen