Capitol Insurrection: It Takes Multiple Compounds To Cause an Explosion.

"Stop The Steal" Rally In DC Amid Ratification Of Presidential Election

"If you paid any attention to chemistry class, you understand that it takes multiple compounds, multiple chemical to cause an explosion"

--Joe Getty.

"You don't get to burn down the federal building in Portland. Run police out of their own precinct in Minneapolis. You don't get to go into the Capitol building. And everybody needs to call that out--with the same level of fury.

--Jack Armstrong

The insurrection at the Capitol building was a dark day for our country. 4 Americans died, our nation was shaken to its core and our President destroyed his legacy.

After tensions seemed to calm down during the holidays, the frustration, the anger and the resentment that had characterized the past 12 months boiled over anew, the screws of our national psyche being twisted even tighter than before.

On Thursday morning, we launched the Armstrong & Getty Show with our thoughts on what had transpired following the Stop the Steal rally.