The Gavi Awards! Congrats To Our Recipients (You Hypocrites!).




Our latest Gavi winner is Chicago Alderman and restaurant owner Tom Tunney, who broke the COVID restriction rules by serving customers inside his Chicago eatery. "I have made a mistake", said Tunney. Illinois' governor had ordered all restaurants to close their indoor dining areas in October, but Tunney continued to allow his customers to eat in "the back of the restaurant".

Following the tremendous success of the initial “Gavi Awards”, the nominating committee responsible for appointing new recipients grew a bit concerned that future candidates would become difficult to find. But true to form, a number of elected officials simply cannot resist the opportunity to completely ignore their own COVID edicts.  

This is indeed an exciting time for the Gavi Awards, an honor inspired by Calunicornia Governor Gavin Newsom and his COVID-19-social-distancing-guideline-flaunting, French-Laundry-lobbyist-dinner-affair.  

Following the utter embarrassment and shame of that episode, the activities of a number of elected hypocrites came to light.  

Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl enjoyed a fine meal at a Santa Monica restaurant shortly after voting to ban outdoor dining within her district. Ms. Kuehl--you’re a true beacon of insincerity. Way to go!  

Another excellent example of the “freedom for me, but not for thee” mindset is Steven Adler--the mayor of Austin, Texas. Adler issued a stay-at-home proclamation--while enjoying a trip to Cabo San Lucas! Mayor Adler may also be eligible for a Gavi en Espanol!   

San Jose’s Mayor Sam Liccardo earned his Gavi for attending a Thanksgiving dinner in violation of CA’s COVID guidelines. Congratulations, Mayor Liccardo--your hypocrisy knows no bounds!  

San Francisco's Mayor London Breed is also a big fan of the French Laundry. She attended a dinner party with 7 others at the venue--the night before Gavin Newsom!

Denver's Mayor Michael Hancock told his constituents to stay home--then flew to Mississippi for family thanksgiving gathering!

And let's not forget Nancy Pelosi and her SF hair salon escapades!

Another group of Gavi winners is rather stunning. 

Hailing from a variety of locales around Calunicornia (a state rich with lying hypocrite politicians), CA assembly members Adrin Nazarian, Chad Mayes, Tasha Boerner Horvath, Marc Levine and San Diego's Chris Ward met-up at a Sacramento eatery--in spite of calls from state officials to avoid such gatherings. Forget the sacrifices being made by your constituents, the hummus and stuffed grape were no doubt excellent en route to your spectacular Gavi recognition!

Remember, as the namesake of the Gavi Awards famously proclaimed--we're all human...we all fall short sometimes. Congratulations to all of you!

Finally, thanks to budding craftsman, high school student and Friend of Armstrong & Getty, Nate--who applied his ingenuity and COVID free-time to create this amazing GAVI AWARDS Statuette.