Is the World Waking-Up to the China Threat? Mike Lyons Talks to A&G

"They're going to fight in a different way, and we have to be able to fight against it".

--Mike Lyons discussing the rise and aggression of China.

Army soldiers marching in a parade, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

"This is not the time to go into the Pentagon and start putting-in human resource policies to make sure that certain people get promoted".

----Mike Lyons on A&G, discussing the push for diversity on Biden's national security team.

A long-time Armstrong & Getty favorite, military analyst Mike Lyons, joined A&G to share his perspective China's long-held plan to exert itself on the rest of world, as well as his thoughts regarding President Elect Joe Biden's rumored picks for his national security team.

Listen to the Armstrong & Getty Extra Large Podcast featuring Mike Lyons below...