Brave British Politician Stands Against Critical Race Theory

"This woman has more balls than 100 American male politicians put together"

--Joe Getty on British equality minister, Kemi Badenoch.

The debate over including Critical Race Theory in school curriculums is in full-swing in the UK, where a leading advocate for equal rights says that under no condition should the ideology be taught to students--without offering an opposing view.

During a recent debate, the British Conservative politician Kemi Badenoch explained that presenting CRT, and providing support for the “anti-capitalist” Black Lives Matter movement--are in-fact, unlawful in the UK.

“And let me be clear, any school which teaches these elements of critical race theory as fact, or which promotes partisan political views such as defunding the police without offering a balanced treatment of opposing views is breaking the law.“

Listen to the brave perspective shared by Kemi Badenoch in the following episode of The Armtrong & Getty Extra Selects Cut Podcast below...