Hilarious! Our Warrior Foundation Give-A-Thon 2020 Fake Name Collection

Each holiday season, we ask the generous Friends of Armstrong & Getty to pony-up some cash for the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station Give-A-Thon, which uses those funds to send our ill and injured troops back home for Christmas. 

For as many years as we've been involved with with WFFS, our loyal listeners have shown us that their generosity knows no limits--and we're very grateful. Those same folks have also continued to demonstrate a high degree of creativity regarding they names they choose to affix to their donation form! Inspired by current events, inside jokes from the show--and sometimes not-so-subtle jabs at the A&G Crew--the list that's been generated is astounding!

A few fine examples include: Frizzy Hair of the Lunatic, Uncle Dick in the Deer Stand, Positive Sean Too Much Talky Talky, Gov. GQ's Beef & Brocolli Abstinence Fund and this gem--Please dont use gendered language to chssch Address everyone (we didn't know that so many characters would fit in the field!).

Anyway, our involvement in this very important endeavor is made even better when we have to read these names on the air!

Just in case you missed them, here are a few of our favorites. Again--thanks for donating to the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station!

Sean says...that's not what you think.  Plus, a decent recent a story from One More Thing!
Straight outta Mailbag...a solid Carville-ism...and another shot at Gavin
A governor trifecta

Some of our absolute favorite 2020 submissions...

Joe’s Tip Money

Make Positive Sean's Cat Real Again

C’mon Man!

Newsoms Dinner

Gavin's Facemask

Your Mask Is Covered in F.M.

Make Hot Links Easier.

Corn Pop

Do as I say not as do Dad, I mean Gavin

Moved to AZ LAST MONTH BECAUSE OF That asshat

A Great Big Shot in the Ass

Marshall Phillip’s Scratch off Winnings

Jack’s little paintbrush

Positive Sean's Gamer Musk

Crazy Lady from the park yelling at children

SIAEB #schoolisanessentialbusiness

The daughter of Hugo Chavez

Frizzy Hair of the Lunatic

A Sardine / Steady Sardines Swimming Together Equal Whales

GndrdLangd Dfndr'sGurgle

Uncle Dick in the Deer Stand

Doris Roberts Dying Wish

Positive Sean Too Much Talky Talky

MAGA Hat #037

Joe Biden's Hair Plugs

Jack's Pig-Faced Brute Classmate From His Childhood

Celebrating Thanksgiving with more than three households

Wild Heart Sipping Vinegar

Joe Bidens Grey Cells

Podcast Pirate $41 x 12 mo

Jack's tiny paint brush

Horse-Sized Chicken

Gov. GQ's Beef & Brocolli Abstinence Fund

KFTK, Luv the Cow

Chinese Herb For Jack's Best Orgasm

Playground Police Lady

DonaldTrumps Antigen Count

Theranos Holmes Pet Wolf

Joe's Fancy Aviators

Jack's Crispy Mowe

Croatia Tourism Board

Viva la Entermation Party

Airing Out Dirty "Laundry"!

Gavin "grundle grease" Newsom's French Laundry tip

Please dont use gendered language to chssch Address everyone

Jacks San Felipe motorcycle trip

Joe Getty's School of How to Argue Unfairly

geo tracker full of bees

"...And the rest of it"

Please take the commercials out of the podcast I'll pay whatever you want

Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Half Cup Empty

Half Cup Full

Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart

Mark Zuckerbeg will never win The Worlds Sexiest Man

TacosOn MyPizzaBox

Joe Bidens free range brain cells

The smallest thinnest neck Ive ever seen

TacosOn MyPizzaBox

Jacks morning urine drink

Joe's hairnet at the hotdog factory

Producer Scott Reporting from the car wash

Dominics face eating cat wasn't thirsty

John Hickenlooper watches porn with is mom

Mein Fuhrer Newsom's Dirty French Socks

podcast reparation's

Gavin Newsom's French Laundry 10% Tip

Kamalas Escalator Kneepads

A human who falls short sometimes

Jack's Undigested Truck

Sean's unmentioned 5th cat

Fred Garvin Male Prostitute

Jacks Ear wax

Baby Yoda

The Disdain In Jacks Voice As He Reads Black Friday Copy

10 X less than I wanted to give

The Unwashed

Jeffrey's Toobin

Jerry Brown's Disproportionate Extraction from the national wealth

Spirit Contra Dicked Her

Kids Today Don't Wanna Hunt Mastodons

Bob Barker's Pre-Staged Obit

Jacks ports potty underwear turned inside out Luzader

Oregon Governor ShutDown Brown

Freaks That Carry Your Luggage Up To The Room

Cracker Croaker


Woke Needs to take a Nap

Governor Newsom's presidential aspirations swirling down the toilet

Nancy Pelosi and Gavin laugh at us for doing as they say as they give us the middle finger

Shavin in da pool

Gavin Newsom is probably never going to guest host your show ever again. :)

Sleeve Boy's Daddy

The whole in the sky where a tree once was

Somebodys Makingmoney

Jill Bidens Prescription Jugs

Can't Spare A Square

A Nutflush For Sean

Jacks tiny tiny paint brush

Mother Daughter FAGS of San Diego


Gecky the Gecko

Canya See My Privates Canya Canya

Bureau of Bovine Body Shaming

Joe's Gigantic Hissing Cockroaches in the Walmart Parking Lot

Wuhan Wet Market Bat andMichelle Pangolin Sellers Association

Dominic is dead He cant sue us

Joe's love of kpop music

Jacque's Sacque of Blue Angels Vomit

Jack's squeaky eyeball

Marshall's Killer Turkeys

Jack slam dunks on small children

In memory of Marshals dad...we miss Marshall

Donating with my unemployment card because Newssolini killed our business

Rusty Rain Barrel Razors

TeenieGlobs Of Snott

My Soup Spoon Has Coronavirus!

Gladys is second husband Russ. Looking forward to a great night happy 75th anniversary honey!

Gavin's Delicious Foie Gras

Positive Sean's 16th cat. Dude you may have a problem!

Annual Podcast Dues

Talking over bumper music makes me want to scream.

Joe Biden's Hairy Legs

California Bullet Train

The administrator of sleepy Joes big ol shot in the ass

C'mon maaan

Jeff Bezos's Bionic Eye

Joe's Twisted Testie

and finally...

Gov Newsom's seat cushion at the French Laundry


Marinated lottery tickets

Combat Model Optimum Self Sufficiency Probably The Leader

The hole in the sky where the tree once was

St. Urho's Day Gift

Mom of brand new Army soldier

That B**** Carol Baskin

Matt The Marine's Gunshot Wound

C.O.W.s MeadowMuffin

The dog Baxter of San Diego

One Less Succulent Chinese Meal

Emptied EDD card from April . They need it more than I

Put down the trombone Pick up a tuba.

Difficult morning bowel movement

The Ghost of Erika the Goldfish

Marshalls winning Scratchers

He had beauitful hair!

Kamala's Cackle..eew

Gavin Newsom's guilty conscience

Is there a correlation between Andy Griffith fans and A and G fans?

Larry the Lobster who Jack's son wished 'Good Luck'

Turn It Off Michael!

Great Gray Greasy Gavin Gruesome

Marshall Phillips' 4th Pushup

Mostly peacefully donation

Sam and Henry's Cheerios

and finally...


contributed $22.00

Some of them All of them

contributed $22.00

Thank you, everyone!

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