A Powerful Message About Race & Politics.

"I think it is one of the most beautiful, powerful and indisputable messages that can be sent around America today"

--Joe Getty

The note below from "Ann Onymous" was e-mailed to The Armstrong & Getty Show...

As an African American, and a professional genealogist who specializes in African American ancestry and records, I can give you yet another reason why we must not allow our country’s politics to be based on the colors of our skin.  

I have seen the DNA results of dark skinned people who have anywhere from 35% to 75% European ancestry - and absolutely NO direct ancestors who were EVER slaves.  And I have seen white people who have anywhere from 12% to 63% African ancestry and have several slave ancestors. 

Some would argue that it is only the dark skinned blacks who should be considered black because they are the only ones who have lived a life of persecution and racism. 

And yet, as a light skinned African American, I grew up in the rural area of a large western state where my family was literally...NOT FIGURATIVELY, BUT LITERALLY the only black family on that side of the entire state, and I grew up facing just as much racism as anyone else who lived in an urban area with darker skin.  AND when I did move away to go to college I faced some of the worst racism from black folks who didn’t think I was dark enough. 

Therefore, as a light skinned African American I can testify that people of ALL colors AND SHADES can be racist. And as a genealogist, I can tell you that in reality we are ALL just a bunch of American Mutts!

We must realize that it is the exceptionalism of this country that allows us to be recognized as individuals- individuals with unique ancestries and experiences- that makes us great. And it is the ignorant, collectivism of the left that is trying to divide us and destroy us...all over something as baseless as the color of our skin!