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An Ambush on Police Officers: Riot Footage from Chicago.

The Chicago Police Department has released a review of video footage taken from a "indigenous rights rally" that took place near the Columbus statue in Grant Park. According to the department's Facebook page...

49 officers were injured by fireworks & other projectiles during the violent mob action at Grant Park on Friday. This includes a sergeant who sustained a broken eye socket due to a thrown projectile, in addition to a broken kneecap.

The footage displays the highly organized effort taken by the violent rioters. Following the protest, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown ordered all officers to prepare to wear “any and all protective gear” for any future events of similar nature.

A Chicago PD deputy described to a local news outlet the weapons rioters used to assault the police...

protesters pushed carts and carried bags filled with items to throw at police, while others used sharpened PVC piping to jab at officers around the statue.