Barr Lays Out China's Economic Blitzkrieg on the United States

Attorney General William Barr

“The People’s Republic of China is now engaged in an economic aggressive, orchestrated, whole-of-government campaign to seize the commanding heights of the global economy and to surpass the United States as the world’s preeminent superpower."

--Attorney General William Barr, speaking at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

While the news media is consumed with gotcha coverage of COVID 19, little has been said about Attorney General William Barr's speech regarding China's intention to become the world's lone superpower.

Picking up on a thread from a speech by FBI Director Christopher Wray ,Barr goes into detail on the many ways in which China's communist government has worked to manifest its global intentions.

Watch AG Barr's entire speech below...and listen to the Armstrong & Getty Select Cuts Podcast for our breakdown...