How The City of Seattle Wants to Help "Interrupt Your Whiteness".

"Can you imagine if you changed whiteness to black-ness? Or Mexican-ness?"

--Joe Getty on Seattle's racist training program, “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness".

The City of Seattle's Office of Civil Rights wants white people to know that they're all racist. And, congratulations--the city's new education program can help fix the problem.

Reporter Christopher Rufo wrote about it in the City Journal. From his article, "Cult Programming in Seattle"...

At the beginning of the session, the trainers explain that white people have internalized a sense of racial superiority, which has made them unable to access their “humanity” and caused “harm and violence” to people of color. The trainers claim that “individualism,” “perfectionism,” “intellectualization,” and “objectivity” are all vestiges of this internalized racial oppression and must be abandoned in favor of social-justice principles. In conceptual terms, the city frames the discussion around the idea that black Americans are reducible to the essential quality of “blackness” and white Americans are reducible to the essential quality of “whiteness”—that is, the new metaphysics of good and evil.

Listen to the Armstrong & Getty Select Cuts Podcast below for more on a program that should be rejected immediately by everyone, everywhere.