WATCH: Police Officer Shot While Pulling Over Driver

The shootout on vivid display within this 2017 police dash cam video shows Pennsylvania State Troopers Seth Kelly & Ryan Seiple during a "routine traffic stop", which shows the dangers of daily police work.

Initially, the troopers pulled-over the driver, Daniel Clary, for speeding. After failing a sobriety test, the officers tried to arrest Clary--who then shot at both officers.

Kelly was shot four times, and he arrived at the hospital "clinically dead". He survived, but does not remember the shootout.

Clary was caught and later convicted of attempting to kill Officers Seiple and Kelly.

His attorney argued at trial he was scared and shot at the troopers because he feared for his life.

int eh shootout, but officer Kelly spent 25 days days in the hospital (where he arrived clinically dead).