AB-5 & the Death Economic Choice. Tim Sandefur Talks to A&G

"You don't help people by making it more expensive to hire them".

--Tim Sandefur on AB-5.

"Tim the Lawyer' Sandefur joined Armstrong & Getty to talk about a number of civil liberty type issues--most notably CA's restrictive new law AB-5--which heavily restricts gig work (dramatically changing the lives of Uber drivers, photographers, freelance journalists, musicians, etc.).

Tim's firm, The Goldwater Institute, is now involved in the fight against this union-backed law, which Tim says "deprives people of their own freedom of economic choice".

Tim also addressed what is now Trump's official executive order regarding the status of social media companies, providing some important perspective regarding private property and free speech...

"The cure for bad speech is more speech--not censorship--Tim Sandefur"

Listen to the Armstrong & Getty Extra Large Podcast below.