Is He Stupid, Or On the China Dole? Where Is the Honesty Regarding The WHO?

Dr. Tom Inglesby, Johns Hopkins University

"They're lying to us all about the cause!"

--Jack Armstrong

"They favored one country...over the truth...which in medicine is a grave sin"

--Joe Getty

Supporters of The World Health Organization continue to line-up to voice support for the UN's "global guardian of global health".

During the April 12 edition of Fox News Sunday, Dr. Tom Inglesby (Johns Hopkins University) was asked if the WHO had mishandled the crisis. Inglesby stated, "I don't think that they've been favoring one country over another"

At some point, a high level, US healthcare official will speak the truth about the WHO.

In the meantime, we submit our thoughts about this criminally dishonest institution...