The Odd, Bizarre and Completely Weird FaceApp'ing of the A&G Crew!!!

We ran photos of the A&G crew through the Face App, which yielded some absolutely bizarre results.

First to be run-through the old-timer filter, Ol' Grampa Jack Armstrong!

Jack "Ol Gramps' Armstrong

The aging of Joe Getty turns him into a demonic Walter Cronkite!

Joe "Cronkite" Getty

The realism of the Face App-affected photos is not evident in this altered image of our esteemed newsman, Marshall Phillips.

In response to this tech fail, one of our loyal F.A.G.'s used the classic '70's photo of Young Marshall (see below)...

Marshall "Soft Face" Phillips
Young Marshall, made to look old

Positive Sean is turned into an aged Canadian folk singer...

Positive Sean Lightfoot ebullient MichaelAngleo gives two thumbs-up to the grampa-fied version of himself!

Pops MichaelAngelo

For the sake of comparison, here's the crew in their un-altered glory