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A Brazen, Unprovoked Attack. Andy Ngo Talks to Armstrong & Getty

Antifa Counter-Protests As Right-Wing Groups Demonstrate In Portland

(originally published on July 2, 2019)

Andy Ngo has been released from the hospital after sustaining injuries following an attack by members of antifa.

The assault on The Quillette journalist took place during dueling marches in downtown Portland, Oregon

While he was documenting the demonstration, Ngo says he was "brazenly attacked in the middle of the street--unprovoked". During the assault, thugs threw what is known as a "milkshake' at the journalist--a liquid concoction that includes quick-dry cement. Ngo sustained a brain injury from the attack.

Appearing live on The Armstrong & Getty Show, Ngo said that antifa violence in Portland has become progressively worse within the past few years. His attorney, Harmeet Dhillion, also joined A&G--stating that she will pursue those involved in the attack, “suing everyone we can for what happened”. 

Listen to the Armstrong & Getty Extra Large podcast featuring Andy Ngo and Harmeet Dhillon below...

Mayor Too Lenient Towards Antifa.  Portland Cop talks to A&G (2019) - Thumbnail Image

Mayor Too Lenient Towards Antifa. Portland Cop talks to A&G (2019)